Audio Pod-Casts: Possible Starting Places

  : The most condensed news version from BBC World Service provides 25 minutes of summary and analysis of international affairs twice a day.

  :  A superb daily collaboration between the BBC, Public Radio International and WGBH-Boston.

 : This twice-daily download offers an excellent overview of international news.  Although it offers more in-depth coverage that the Global News programme, there is considerable repetition from episode to episode.

   :  Weekly selections from a small number of British journalists.


 : The Economist is probably the world's best weekly newsmagazine.  It is a very expensive magazine, though academic subscriptions receive a significant discount..

Other Pod-Casts

 :  Featured audio documentaries from the BBC World Service.

BBC World Service  :  A complete listing of BBC World Service podcasts.

  : One of the CBC's flag-ship news programmes, The Current provides frequent in-depth international stories.

  : The weekly Friday News Roundup Podcast from NPR and WAMU in Washington, D.C. includes one hour of review of international news and one hour of American news.

  :  Another intelligent news programme from Boston public radio.


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