A.  Video Sources

  :  Canada's nightly newscast.

CBC News BC:

CBC Player:

:  TV Ontario.

Knowledge Network:

:  Watch PBS videos.


Great Courses Plus:

BBC News:

BBC News -- Youtube:

Al Jazeera English -- Youtube:

Vancouver Island Public Library Digital Films:

B.  Audio Sources

  : One of the BBC's flagship news programmes.

  Weekend Edition Saturday:  Scott Simon hosts this weekly news round-up.

  Weekend Edition Sunday:  Liane Hansen hosts this weekly news round-up.

  Morning Edition:  Daily news from the American public broadcaster.

  All Things Considered:  Nightly news from the American public broadcaster.

C.  Vancouver Island Theatres

Comox Valley Art Gallery Film Series:

Sid Williams Theatre:

Courtenay Little Theatre:

Cineplex Events:

River City Players:

Port Theatre:

Theatre One:

Echo PLayers:

Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre:

University Of Victoria Phoenix Theatre:

Royal And McPherson Theatre Society:

Langham Court Theatre:

Belfry Theatre:

Theatre BC:

D.  Comox Valley

Comox Valley Record Calendar:

Comox Valley Community Calendar:

Tide Change Community Calendar:

Island Word Calendar:

Comox Valley What's On Digest:


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