We will be moving into an intensive section of the course in which you will be completing a series of seminar notes plus one Powerpoint mini-project.  You also will be responsible for a reduced Second-Half Note-Taking Assignment.

A few of you have moved somewhat to the margins of the course.  You will need to refocus  and to regularly devote several hours of study a week to LIB 210 and to participate in each of our seminar discussions in order to succeed academically.  You should also plan ahead and have a good sense of the outline of the curriculum for the second half of the semester

The Rig Veda, Karen Armstrong's biography of Buddha, and the Autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi are the three required books that will be at the heart of the second-half curriculum.  You should have each of these now. These books are also available in e-text editions (Rig Veda -- Kindle, $11; the Buddha -- A Download Is Available Here; Autobiography Of Mahatma Gandhi  -- Kindle, $1).  There are also a number of copies of Armstrong's Buddha on reserve in the NIC Library and a copy or two apiece of the Rig Veda and Gandhi's Autobiography.

You will need to write a Seminar Note about the Rig Veda, the Buddha book, and the Autobiography Of Mahatma Gandhi.

We will be reading the Rig Veda in Week 8 and the Buddha biography in Week 9.  I have rearranged our schedule slightly by moving the Powerpoint mini-presentation from Week 10 to Week 11 (Thursday, April 1).


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