You should now be oriented to the course and have an appreciation for how both LIB 210 and the Mister Dan website is organized.  You should have already watched Episode 1 of the Story of India and have applied for an hopefully already been provided with a Vancouver Island Regional Library card.  Ideally you will already have started on your First Half Note-Taking Assignment.  You certainly should take some notes in connection with this week's studies.

Your responsibilities for the week include the following:

1)  Spend at least a couple of hours before we meet on Thursday reading articles from the History Wars Seminar Topic.  You should come to class prepared to talk for at least a couple of minutes about stories that particularly captured your attention.

2)  Read Alex Traub's "India's Dangerous New Curriculum" article and watch France 24's feature on Rewriting India's Textbooks.  Both of these items also focus upon the theme of the History Wars.

3)  Browse extensively in Ancient Indian History In The News.  Find at least a couple of interesting stories to highlight on Thursday.

4)  Purchase DK's Illustrated Mahabharata: The Definitive Guide To India's Greatest Epic from the NIC Bookstore if you have not already done so.  This large book will dominate the curriculum for a few weeks starting in Week 4.

5)  If you have time, browse in Indian Civilization On-Line Articles: Ancient History and/or watch one or more lectures from Michael Fisher's Great Courses lecture series on the History of India.  Both of these items are listed under the Optional Extras in Week 2 on the Syllabus Page.


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