We will be using the rivers of the Sub-continent as an entry point into Indian history and civilization.

Your responsibilities for the week include the following:

1)  Read your assigned chapter of Alice Albinia's Empire Of The Indus: The Story Of A River (London: John Murray, 2008).  Take some notes as you read and come to class ready to offer both a detailed 5-minute summary of your chapter and your response to the reading.  You are only responsible for your own chapter but certainly are encouraged to read more if you find the book to be interesting.  Descriptions of and links to on-line versions of the individual chapters can be found at Empire Of The Indus.

2)  Watch "Pakistan Unveiled," Episode 1 of the 2016 BBC series Treasures Of The Indus.  The video is available either through a Public Website or through NIC Films On Demand.

3)  Browse in some of the Ganges items that are included in the Rivers Of India Seminar Topic resource page.

4)  You should already have purchased DK's Illustrated Mahabharata: The Definitive Guide To India's Greatest Epic.  We will devote a few weeks to studying this text.  It will serve as one fundamental resource for this course and it is imperative that you have a copy at your side for the next few weeks.  We will discuss the first large section of the book on February 4th.


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