The focus for this week is on the Mahabharata.

1)  Your only responsibility for the week is to read the first half of DK's Illustrated Mahabharata: The Definitive Guide To India's Greatest Epic (New York: 2017).  You should come to class on Thursday having read as much as possible of the first two hundred pages of this book.  You will then be continuing on with reading it in staggered sessions over the following two weeks.


2)  There are a number of extra video resources that may be useful to you if you have the time for these as well.  Michael Fisher's Lecture on the Mahabharata is listed on Week 4 of the Syllabus and can be accessed through the Vancouver Island Regional Library while  Grant Hardy's Lecture on both the Ramayana and the Mahabharata is listed on Week 5 of the Syllabus.

There is a feature-length animated film of the Mahabharata while I list a number of additional resources in the Mythology Section of my Indian Civilization Video Links.  There was a major 2013 Indian production as well that some of you may be able to access (You may be able to access it in Hindi at an affordable price HERE).  I also included a link to the five-hour television version of Peter Brook's longer stage production.


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