Our focus for this week will be on the second of the great Indian epics, the Ramayana.  We will not read the story itself, but will explore both how it is etched into the Indian landscape and how it remains part of the Indian national conversation even today.

Your responsibilities for the week are the following:

1)  Read Diana L. Eck, "Chapter 9, Following Rama -- The Ramayana On The Landscape Of India," India: A Sacred Geography (New York: Harmony Books, 2012).  This 40-page chapter is from a book that reveals how geography and sacred story remain fused together in contemporary India.  Contact me if you would like a copy of the entire book.  I picked up a few copies several months ago from a discount catalogue.

2)  Watch "Spice Routes And Silk Roads," Episode 3 of Michael Wood's Story Of India documentary series.  This video is also available through NIC Films On Demand.

3)  Browse in some of the materials that are included in the Ramayana In Indian History, Myth, And Culture page.

4)  ***Your First-Half Note-Taking Assignment is due on February 14 (12% of the course grade).  It is ok to take a few extra days to complete that if that is helpful.  Instructions are included on the Assignment page.  You should demonstrate that you have spent several hours absorbing core content from the first half of the course.  Although I do not expect you to include notes from all of the week-by-week Reading and Viewing Assignments, materials from at least three of the first five weeks of the semester should be represented to do a solid job on this assignment.


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