We will be studying Indian history through individual biographies, using Sunil Khilnani's Incarnations: A History Of India In Fifty Lives as our basic resource.  Each of you will read a section of the book and then share a summary of what you read with the class on Thursday, much as we did earlier in the semester with Alice Albinia's Empires Of The Indus.

Your responsibilities for the week are the following:

1)  Complete your Mahabharata Seminar Note by Sunday, February 28.   Instructions are listed on the Assignment Page.  My basic expectation for a successful seminar note is that you demonstrate that you have engaged with each of the texts.  In the case of the Mahabharata, that engagement may have come through video rather DK's Illustrated Mahabharata.  The focus of each seminar note, however, should be on your interpretation, analysis, and commentary, rather than upon a summary of the text.

2)  Watch Ages Of Gold, Episode 4 in Michael Wood's BBC Story of India documentary series.  This episode is also available through NIC Films On Demand.

3)  Read your three selected biographies from Sunil Khilnani's Incarnations: A History Of India In Fifty Lives.  You should come to class on March 4th ready to talk for a few minutes about each of your short chapters.  It is fine if you use notes here as a guide.

4)  Listen to your corresponding audio biographies from the 2016 BBC Radio 4 series:   Incarnations: A History Of India In Fifty Lives.  The specific 15-minute audio programmes are listed immediately below each reading selection.

5)  If you have time, watch one or more of the history lectures from Michael Fisher's Great Courses that are listed as Week 7 Optional Extras.  You will need Vancouver Island Public Library membership to access these lectures.  Take some notes for extra credit.


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