Some Questions

What is most interesting about the ways in which the Ramayana is etched onto the landscape of India?

Why do you think the Ramayana has become such a central tale in the history of Indian civilization?  What is most distinctive about India's relationship with the Ramayana?

What are some ways in which the Ramayana and its stories and characters have featured in contemporary Indian news and culture?

To what extent is the Ramayana a "dangerous" story in today's India, a multi-religious nation with a secular constitution?

Some Terms

Ram, Sita, Hanuman, Lakshman, Ravana



Chitrakut, Panchavati, Kishkinda, Rameshvara

Dussehra Festival



Mewar Ramayana

Babri Mosque

Ram Janmabhoomi Movement

Ram Mandir

Jai Shri Ram

Ram Setu

A.K. Ramanujon, "Three Hundred Ramayanas" (1987)

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