Some Questions

What were the Crusades?

Where would you start in assessing the contemporary relevance of the Crusades?  What were, in your opinion, its most important features and legacies?

What is most surprising about the uses to which others put specific interpretations of the meanings of the Crusades?

What are the possibilities and dangers involved in drawing parallels or direct connections between the past and the present?

Were the Crusades "un-Christian?"

What was the history of Jews during the Crusades and what can a Jewish perspective offer us an understanding of this movement?

Osama Bin Laden at the beginning of the U.S.-led war in Afghanistan in 2001: "This war is similar to the previous crusades led by Richard the Lion-Heart, Barbarossa and Louis of France.  In the present age [the Crusaders] rally behind Bush."  How would you respond to Bin Laden's claim?  How would you compare and contrast the war in Afghanistan and the American invasion of Iraq in 2003 with the Crusades?

How would you compare and contrast Bin Laden himself with the Crusaders?  What roles do the war in Afghanistan against the Soviets that began in 1979 and the First Gulf War play in the ideology and mythology of contemporary Islamism?  What distinction is made between the "Near Enemy" and the "Far Enemy?"  To what extent are any parallels with the Crusades appropriate here?

How would you respond to those who argue that the Crusades offer evidence of the need to move beyond a religious world-view?

Possible Starting Places

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Episode 1, Holy War

Episode 2, Clash Of The Titans

Episode 3, Victory And Defeat

  "Crusades," Episode 4, Christianity: A History, Channel 4, 2010::  War correspondent Rageh Omaar assesses the long-term effects of the Crusades as part of a British series surveying the history of Christianity.


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Crusades In The News

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History Of The Crusades:  An on-line course from Skip Knox at Boise State University.  May not featur bells and whistles but offers an extremely thorough introduction to the topic.

Audio And Video Sources

  "Holy Warriors: Saladin And Richard The Lionheart," PBS, 2011.

"The Crusades: Crescent And The Cross," History Channel, 2009:  A major three-hour production.  Part 1; Part 2.

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