Some Questions

Who were each of these figures and why did they travel?

To what extent do the accounts of their travels offer insights into the worlds of the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth centuries?

What is most surprising and most interesting about the experiences, writings, and/or legacies of Marco Polo, Ibn Battuta and Zheng He?

A Rare Dan 5***** Recommendation

  "The Man Who Walked Across The World," BBC, 2007:  Tim Mackintosh-Smith's epic re-tracing of the great 14th-century Moroccan traveler's journeys.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3, Trade Winds

**Other Highlighted Sources

Douglas Bullis, "The Longest Hajj: The Journey Of Ibn Battuta," Saudi Aramco World (July/August 2000):  A superb three-part overview of Battuta's Travels.  See below for links to the different sections of the article.

  Part 1 -- From Pilgrim To Traveler (Tangier To Makkah)

    Part 2 -- From Riches To Rags (Makkah To India)

  Part 3 -- From Traveler To Memoirist (China Mali And Home)

"Making Marco Polo," Ideas, CBC, May 30, 2016.

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"The Ming Voyages," In Our Times, BBC Radio 4, October 13, 2011:  A 45-minute audio documentary that explores the legacies of Zheng He's voyages.

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  Tim Luard, "China Hails Legacy Of Great Adventurer," BBC News, May 30, 2005.


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The Trilingual Inscription Of Admiral Zheng He [Cheng Ho]:

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