Institutions And Organizations

Aegeus -- The Society For Aegean Prehistory:  Membership application can be accessed Here.


American School Of Classical Studies At Athens:

Canadian Institute In Greece:  Membership information can be accessed Here.

INSTAP Study Center For East Crete:  There was a Summer 2015 Lecture Series and we may want to check whether there is something similar in 2016.

Archaeological Projects

Azoria Project:  For a description of the project, see Researchers Investigate Archaic Greek City-State In Crete.

Chania On Crete, Swedish Institute At Athens:

East Cretan Peak Sanctuary Project:

Gournia Excavation Project:

Knossos Urban Landscape Project:

Kommos Excavations, Crete:  See University of Toronto's T-Space for publication information about Kommos.

Mochlos Excavation Project:

Plakias Stone Age Project:

Sarpedon -- The Sissi Archaeological Project:  See also Aegis Field Projects -- Sissi and New Archaeological Work At Sissi Examines Minoan Complex.

Zominthos Project:  See also Meet The Team for information about the Sakellarakises.  A 2010 obituary for Yiannis Sakellarakis is announced in Aegeus.  See also Yannis Sakellarakis -- Wikipedia.

Individual Contacts

Cretan Guides:  A list of Greek guides.

Keith Branigan:  Professor of Archaeology at the University of Sheffield.

Peter Day:  Reader in Archaeological Materials at the University of Sheffield.

Alexandra Karetsou:


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