Possible Starting Places

Minoan Crete -- Bronze Age Civilisation:

Archaeological Museum Of Herakleion -- John Latsis Foundation:  A detailed guide to Crete's main museum of Minoan civilization.  Scroll down the Latsis Foundation page to find the Herakleion Museum and click on the book icon to open the guide.  Note that there are also relevant sections in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens guide.

Other Useful Links

Aegeus -- Society For Aegean Prehistory:

Ancient Greece.Org -- History Of Minoan Crete:

Ancient Greece.Org -- Minoan Architecture:

Ancient Greece.Og -- Minoan Art:

Ancient Greece.Org -- Minoan Culture:

Archaeology For Amateurs -- The Mysteries Of Crete:

Institute For Aegean Prehistory (INSTAP) Academic Press:

Minoan Crete -- Foundation Of Hellenic World:

Unit 2 -- The Minoans:


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