DUE DATE: Wednesday, February 12 (Face-to-face students also should bring their completed Monument assignments to class this day for in-class discussion).

THE MISSION:  To research important American historic sites.  The goal is not only to introduce you to the sweep of American history through these case studies but also to get you thinking about how Americans have interpreted their past.

THE PROCEDURE:  Engage in your own research to fill out large portions of the Monuments Grid (you do not need to find information about every monument but complete at least twelve).  You can use a hard copy of the grid and fill in sections by hand, though I recommend you use the electronic form available in the assignment section of the web-site.  You do not need a formal bibliography, though please do include a list of URLs consulted either at the end of each monument or as an informal addendum to the assignment.


1.   Angel Island Immigration Station

2.  Arlington National Cemetery

3.  Blacklist Sculpture Garden

4.  Brown vs. Board of Education National Historic Site

5.  Cesar Chavez National Monument

6.  Civil Rights Memorial (Montgomery, Alabama)

7.  Crazy Horse Memorial

8.  Ellis Island

9.  Empire State Building

10.  Gettysburg Battlefield

11.  Golden Spike National Historic Site

12.  Harper's Ferry National Historical Park

13.  Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial (Washington, DC)

14.  Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site (Atlanta, Georgia)

15.  Korean War Veterans Memorial

16.  Lincoln Memorial

17.  Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

18.  Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site

19.  Malcolm X House Site (Omaha, Nebraska)

20.  Manzanar National Historic Site

21.  Marine Corps War Memorial

22.  May 4 Site, Kent State University

23.  Michigan Labor Legacy Landmark

24.  Minuteman Missile National Historic Site

25.  Monument Avenue (Richmond, Virginia)

26.  Mount Rushmore National Monument

27.  National September 11 Memorial And Museum

28.  National World War II Memorial (Washington, DC)

29.  Pentagon

30.  National D-Day Memorial

31.  National Holocaust Memorial Museum

32.  National Museum Of The American Indian

33.  Oklahoma City National Memorial

34.  Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

35.  Rosie The Riveter/ World War II Home Front National Historical Park

36.  Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site

37.  Selma-To-Montgomery National Historic Trail

38.  Robert Gould Shaw And 54th Regiment Memorial

39.  Slavery Monument (Savannah, Georgia)

40.  Stone Mountain

41.  Fort Sumter

42.  Tomb Of The Unknown Soldiers

43.  Trinity A-Bomb Test Site

44.  Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site

45.  United States Capitol Building (Washington, DC)

46.  USS Arizona Memorial

47.  Vietnam Veterans Memorial

48.  Vietnam Women's Memorial

49.  Washington Monument

50.  Watergate Hotel

51.  White House

52.  Women's Rights National Historical Park

53.  F. W. Woolworth Building (Greensboro, North Carolina)

54.  Wounded Knee Battlefield

55.  Wright Brothers National Memorial


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