Bring to class for display on Tuesday, October 24



THE MISSIONTo design a This Day In Canadian History Calendar, complete with at least 50 daily occurrences and monthly historical images.  The events should be from both the pre-Confederation and post-Confederation era.  Come to class on October 24 with the calendar and ready also to list three interesting events from the Canadian past that happened on your birthday.


THE PURPOSETo introduce you to the timeline of Canadian history within an interesting assignment format.

THE PROCEDUREDecide whether you want to do a general This Day In Canadian History calendar or a calendar with a more specialized theme (A First Nations Calendar; Women and Canadian History; Conflict and Canadian History; Bizarre Events From the Canadian Past; A Sports History Calendar).

Find a calendar template.  Research daily events from the Canadian past.  The web-site I would recommend as a starting place here would be TODAY IN CANADIAN HISTORY.

Take notes as to possible events you might include on your calendar.  When you're ready to write these on the calendar, try to compress the information into one short sentence.  Include a page for each month of the year 2007, and aim to have a minimum of 50 events spread throughout the year listed on the appropriate day.  I encourage you to have 100 events or more.

Find 12 interesting images to include for the month cover page.  Places to find images include the following:

HAVE FUN WITH THE ASSIGNMENT:  Don't worry if the finished calendar doesn't look like it's going to be a Barnes and Noble bestseller.  I am looking for evidence of research work but realize that not all have the skills of the graphic designer.  And if you are pleased by the final appearance, maybe you can turn it into a present!