Vancouver Island Public Library (***The link below takes you to the appropriate magazine.  You will need both to find the appropriate issue and be registered with the library)

Neil MacGregor, "Heaven On Earth," BBC History Magazine (November 2017): 34-36.

Paul Sapopek, "Blessed, Cursed, Claimed: On Foot Through The Holy Land," National Geographic (December 2014): 86-111.  (Access through Vancouver Island Regional Public Library and RB Digital Gateway).

North Island College Database

Alan Wolfe, "And The Winner Is . . . ," Atlantic Monthly, 301 (March 2008): 56-63.

"In God's Name," Economist, 385 (November 3, 2007): 3-5.

"O Come All Ye Faithful," Economist, 385 (November 3, 2007).


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