Twentieth Century Assignments

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Discussion Topic B

Textbook Worksheet

UNIT 1 The World At The Beginning Of The Century

Assignment 1: The Great War And Modern Memory

Discussion 1A: 1914 Christmas Truce

Discussion 1B: Of Lenin's Body And The Romanovs' Bones

Chapter 1: End Of The Old Order

UNIT 2 The World After World War I

Assignment 2: This Day In The Twentieth Century History Calendar

Discussion 2A: Person Of The Century?

Discussion 2B: Suffragettes And Suffragists

Chapter 2: World Between The Wars

UNIT 3The World In The 30s: Depression And Dictatorship

Assignment 3: Analyzing Nazi Propaganda

Discussion 3A: Humanizing Hitler?

Discussion 3B: Crosses At Auschwitz

Chapter 3: World At War

UNIT 4World War II

Assignment 4: World War II And Memory -- Japan As A Case Study

Discussion 4A: Enola Gay Exhibit Revisited

Discussion 4B: Hiroshima, The Enola Gay and Historical Memory

Chapter 4: Cold War World

UNIT 5 The Cold War And Reconstruction


Discussion 5A:  Cuban Missile Crisis Simulation

Discussion 5B: Chasing Che -- Che Guevara And The Cold War

Chapter 5: Towards The New World Order

UNIT 6The Third World And China

Assignment 5: China And India In The Twentieth Century

Discussion 6A: Why Can't The Israelis And The Palestinians Just Get Along?

Discussion 6B:  Truth And Reconciliation Commission

Chapter 6:  The Revolutionary -- Themes

UNIT 7 Contemporary Issues

Assignment 6: Contemporary Global Issues

Discussion 7A: Resolved -- The United States Is (And Should Be) An Empire

Discussion 7B: The Past And Future Of The United Nations





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