Welcome to the Twentieth Century History web-site.  This site was designed by Dan Hinman-Smith, an instructor with  Courtenay, British Columbia's North Island College .  Its purpose is two-fold.

The web-site is meant to be a back-up resource for students enrolled in History 060, an on-line Provincial Level Adult Basic Education survey of twentieth century world history that is the equivalent of History 12 in the British Columbia secondary school system.

I hope also that this web-site can serve as a useful resource for the province's high school history teachers.  An extensive series of "Useful Links" covering all aspects of twentieth-century world history is already in place.  When the page is fully complete, it will also include a detailed bibliography, an annotated list of relevant documentaries and movies, a regularly-updated anthology of current news articles about assorted historical topics, and a large repository of lesson plans, lecture notes and other teacher resources (these latter materials will be found under "Useful Links").

Please do not hesitate to contact me at dan.hinmansmith@nic.bc.ca with your comments or questions.  Thank you.



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