1.  Is the graphic novel form appropriate to the telling of Holocaust narrative? Why or why not?

2.  Why do you think Spiegelman chose to represent the different nationalities by animal types and how did you respond to his choices here?

3.  To what extent is Vladek defined by his status as a Holocaust survivor?

4. To what extent, in turn, is Art shaped by the Holocaust and its memory?

5. How would you describe the relationship between father and son?  Between Art and his dead mother? Between Art and his dead brother? Between Vladek and his two wives?

6.  How would you compare Maus with Spiegelman’s earlier "Prisoner on the Hell Planet" comic?

7.  To what degree were there meaningful differences in tone and style between the first and second halves of Maus?

8.  What role does guilt play in this account?

9.  How and why were Vladek and Anja able to survive the Holocaust?

10.  What are the "lessons" of the Holocaust? What would Vladek say here? Art? You?

11.  How would you compare and contrast Spiegelman’s book with O’Brien’s? What stands out as some important points of comparison and contrast here in terms of approach and issues?

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