Ancient Rome: The Rise And Fall Of An Empire, BBC, 2008:  A series that looks in at six key moments in the history of Rome.

"Revolution: The Life Of Tiberius Gracchus":

"Julius Caesar":


"Jewish Rebellion":

"Constantine And The Christianization Of The Roman Empire":

"The Fall Of Rome":

  When Rome Ruled, National Geographic:

"Blood In The Sand":

"The Real Caligula":

"Killing Caesar":

"Birth Of Rome":

"Christianity Rising":

"Ancient Superpower":

"Heart Of The Empire":

"Power Of The Legion":

Treasures Of Ancient Rome, BBC, 2015:

Warts 'n' All:

Pomp And Perversion:

Empire Strikes Back:

  Ancient Rome:

Episode 1, Rise Of The Roman Empire:

Episode 2, Legions Of Conquest:

Episode 3, Seduction Of Power:

Episode 4, Grasp Of An Empire:

Episode 5, Cult Of Order:

Episode 6, Fall Of The Roman Empire:

Episode 7, Letters From The Roman Front:

The Roman Empire. Or Republic. Or . . . What Was It?, Crash Course World History #10:

  What The Romans Did For Us, BBC, 2000:  A series that examines the impact of Rome on modern British society.

Invasion: Part 1; Part 2

Life Of Luxury Part 1; Part 2

Building Britain:

Edge Of Empire Part 1; Part 2

Arteries Of The Empire Part 1; Part 2


  Rome: Rise And Fall Of An Empire, History Channel:  An extensive series that heavily emphasizes military actions.

Episode 1, The First Barbarian War:

Episode 2, Spartacus:

Episode 3, Julius Caesar:

Episode 4, Forest Of Death:

Episode 5, Invasion Of Britain:

Episode 6, Dacian Wars:

Episode 7, Rebellion And Betrayal:

Episode 8, Wrath Of The Gods:

Episode 9, The Soldiers' Emperor:

Episode 10, Constantine The Great:

Episode 11, The Barbarian General:

Episode 12, The Puppet Master:

Episode 13, The Last Emperor:

The Imperial Era

  Roman Empire In The First Century, PBS, 2006:

Order From Chaos:

Years Of Trial:

Winds Of Change:

Years Of Eruption:

  Caligula With Mary Beard, BBC:

  "Great Fire Of Rome," Secrets Of The Dead, PBS:

Hadrian's Wall, Timewatch, BBC:

Augustus -- The First Emperor:  A 3-hour Italian-produced movie starring Peter O'Toole.

Last Romans, ARTE France:

Social History

  Meet The Romans With Mary Beard:

All Roads Lead To Rome:

Street Life:

Behind Closed Doors:

  Surprising History Of Rome:  Terry Jones introduces the Rome behind the headlines.

Roman Voices, BBC:

Gladiators: The Brutal Truth, BBC History:

Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5; Part 6

  Colosseum: Rome's Arena Of Death, BBC:

Gladiator Graveyard, BBC:

  Roman Bath, Secrets Of Lost Empires, NOVA, PBS:

Pompeii And Herculaneum

  Life And Death In A Roman Town, BBC:  Mary Beard highlights everyday life in the first-century CE.

  Pompeii -- The Last Day, BBC:

Pompeii -- Rebirth Of A City:

Pompeii -- Sex In The Ancient World:

  Life And Death In Herculaneum, BBC:

  Herculaneum Uncovered, Secrets Of The Dead, PBS, 2008:

Vesuvius -- Deadly Fury:

Military History

Hannibal -- Rome's Worst Nightmare:

  Carthage -- The Roman Holocaust:

Lost Legions Of Varus:

 Roman Invasion Of Britain:  A series hosted by Bettany Hughes:  Part 1; Part 2; Part 3


  Rome, Engineering An Empire, History Channel:  An episode from a major series that explores the role of technology in the rise of empires.

Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5; Part 6; Part 7; Part 8; Part 9; Part 10.

David Macauley's Roman City, PBS:

"Rome," Building The Ancient City, BBC, 2015:

  Scotland -- Rome's Final Frontier, BBC Scotland:

  Lost Ships Of Rome, Secrets Of The Dead, PBS:

Individual Cities

  History Of The Eternal City, BBC:  Author Simon Sebag Montefiore offers an overview of the entire history of the city of Rome:

"City Of The Sacred":

"Divine Gamble":

"The Rebirth Of Gods":

  Medici -- Godfathers Of The Renaissance:

Episode 1, Birth Of A Dynasty

Episode 2, Magnificent Medici

Episode 3, Medici Pope

Episode 4, Power Vs. Truth


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