The World History Syllabus Project  is designed as a resource for post-secondary teachers and for others interested in the study of world history.  It brings together a large collection of college outlines in an organized data-base.  Many of these syllabi are not otherwise available on the world-wide web.  The syllabi can be accessed either through the Course Outline Grid, which displays the available categories thematically, or through the Master Syllabus Index, which lists all the sub-themes alphabetically in columns.

An instructor in World History at North Island College in Courtenay, British Columbia, I am the one-person organizer and facilitator for the project.  It thus inevitably is somewhat limited in scope.  I do hope that the project can serve as a meaningful complement to comparable syllabi data-bases and to the use of more general search engines.

Defining the boundaries of World History inevitably involves arbitrary decisions.  American and Modern European history courses have been deliberately deemphasized for this project, though these still are represented, particularly by courses that frame these fields within an international or comparative context.  My goal is to be far-reaching and inclusive.  I want to challenge visitors to explore curricula from a  wide range of area and thematic studies, and to expose them to the best in contemporary comparative and global studies.

--Dan Hinman-Smith

To access the World History Syllabus Project, go to Mister Dan's Page and click the Syllabus Project bar in the left margin.



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