Spanish Flu

Prehistory As History Scavenger Hunt

Yuquot/Friendly Cove

Signs Of The Times -- Naming And Representing The Past

Mapping Vancouver Island

Gold Rush Era And The Birth Of A Province

History Of Victoria

Klatsassin And The Chilcotin War Of 1864

Captured Heritage: The Scramble For Northwest Coast Artifacts Remembering The Komagata Maru

South Asians And B.C. History

Ginger Goodwin

B.C. And Labour History

History Of Vancouver In The News

Japanese Canadian Internment

Tofino And Clayoquot Sound



Discussion Topics From Previous Semesters: Whalers' Shrine Of Yuquot Chinese Canadians In The News British Columbia And World War I

Royal British Columbia Museum

British Columbia Centennials

Totem Poles

Dreams Of Utopia

Saint Michael's (Alert Bay) and Alberni Residential Schools

B.C. Parliament Buildings

Narrative Of John Jewitt

Moby Doll

Virtual Archives Visit

Encountering Old Newspapers

Local Communities Mini-Presentations

Cumberland Museum Photos And Asian-Canadian History


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