North Island College Learning Supports

Included below are a number of North Island College resources to support your academic learning, your planning, and your emotional and financial well-being.  I recommend that you check out these different links and that you bookmark those that seem to be of potential relevance to you:

  Currents Students -- North Island College:  A portal to useful resources, supports and services.

  Learn Anywhere:  A wonderful guide for NIC students from the college's Centre for Teaching and Learning.

Learn Anywhere Welcome:

Learn Anywhere Brightspace Guide:

Learn Anywhere Technology Readiness Checklist:

Learn Anywhere BlueJeans:

Academic Honesty And Integrity:

  Library And Learning Commons:

  Academic Writing Support:  Suzanne Schiller and Ben Hecht offer superb workshops and one-on-one instruction to help you with your writing assignments.  I strongly recommend that you work with them if you'd like to improve your writing and outlining skills.

Writeaway:  Another useful writing service that provides thoughtful feedback to first drafts of your writing assignments.

Peer Tutoring Services:  Pair up with a fellow NIC student who has already experienced strong academic success in your course.

Borrowing Laptops:

Library And Learning Commons Room Bookings:

Research Help And Resources:

Students Technical Services:  Answers to and support for your computer questions at NIC.

Student Technical Services -- Contact Us:

NIC Campus And Community Supports For Students:  A portal to various student supports.

North Island College Educational Advisors:

Early Assist:

North Island College Counselling Services:

Here2Talk:  A provincial resource that offers mental health support to post-secondary students.

NIC Accessible Learning Services:

NIC Foundation Scholarships And Bursaries:

NIC Financial Aid Advisors:

NIC Student Employment Services:


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