Audio Pod-Casts: Dan's All-Stars

: The most condensed news version from BBC World Service provides 25 minutes of summary and analysis of international affairs twice a day.

  :  A superb daily collaboration between the BBC, Public Radio International and WGBH-Boston.

:  A daily global briefing from Economist Radio.

:  Weekly discussion of international affairs from National Public Radio in the U.S.  Click on the "International News Roundup" link.

Other Pod-Casts

:  "Inside Europe," the German broadcaster DW's weekly English-language analysis of European politics.

:  A review of the week's top international stories from the BBC.

Crossing Continents:  A foreign affairs documentary series from the BBC.

   :  Weekly selections from a small number of BBC journalists.

:  News and analysis from BBC's Focus on Africa.

:  Global stories from the Fifth Floor of the BBC building, home to its 41 language services.

:  Interviews from the Asia Society.

  :  A weekly discussion of global affairs from the CNN host Fareed Zakaria.

Deep Dish Podcast:  Weekly exploration of one issue from the Chicago Council On Global Affairs.

Global Dispatches:  A Global affairs show featuring interviews with key policy-makers.

World Affairs Podcast:  Weekly conversation on particular issues from the World Affairs Council.

Palestinians Podcast:  Stories from Palestinians from around the world.

Israel Story:  In-depth features about life in Israel.

:  Life for young Indian adults today.

:  A in-depth look at individual themes in Japanese society from Japan Times.

  : A weekly interview show about all matters Brazilian from the editors of Brazilian Report.


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