A.  Video Sources

:  Canada's nightly newscast..

:  The Seattle station of PBS.  (93 without numbers)

:  The American public broadcaster's flagship news programme.

:A portal to shows on CBC

  CBC Player:

  CBC Player BC News:

  Knowledge Network:

: The nightly news from Germany's Deutsche Welle.

  France 24:  International news and analysis.  See also France 24 TV Programs.

:  TV Ontario.

  : DW News on YouTube.  See also DW Documentary and DW TV Programs.

  BBC News -- Youtube:

  Al Jazeera English -- Youtube: The main Al Jazeera YouTube news channels.  There also are playlists available for many individual programmes, such as the excellent Start Here.

  Asia Tonight:  A daily review from Singapore's Channel News Asia.

B.  Great Courses And Other Learning

  Wondrium:  93 without numbers.

World Religions -- Judaism:  12

World Religions -- Christianity:  12

World Religions -- Islam:  12

World Religions -- Hinduism:  12

World Religions -- Buddhism:  12

Buddhism:  24

Introduction To The Qur'an:  12

History And Archaeology Of The Bible:  24

Confucius, Jesus, Buddha And Muhammad:  36

Beginnings Of Judaism:  24

How Jesus Became God:  24

Understanding The Old Testament:  24

Understanding The New Testament:  24

Old Testament:  24

New Testament:  24

Lives Of Great Christians:  24

Norse Mythology:  24

Myth In Human History:  36

Great Mythologies Of The World:  60

Islamic Golden Age:  24

History Of The Ancient World -- A Global Perspective:  48

Maya To Aztec -- Ancient Mesopotamia Revealed:  48

Foundations Of Eastern Civilization:  48

Understanding Imperial China -- Dynasties, Life, And Culture:  24:

History Of India:  36

Rise Of Rome:  24

Roman Empire -- From Augustus To The Fall Of Rome:  (24)

Greek World -- A Study Of History And Culture:  24

Athenian Democracy -- An Experiment For The Ages:  24

Great Tours: A Guided Tour Of Ancient Egypt:  24

Masterpieces Of The Ancient World:  36

Ancient Mesopotamia -- Life In The Cradle Of Civilization:  24

  Great Courses:  93 without numbers.

Religions Of The Axial Age -- An Approach To The World's Religions:  24

Introduction To Judaism:  24

Classical Mythology:  24

Introduction To The Study Of Religion:  24

Comparative Religion:  24

History Of Ancient Rome:  24

Living The French Revolution And The Age Of Napoleon:  48

  YouTube Premium:

C.  Documentaries, Movies, And Shows

Vancouver Island Public Library -- Video Options:

Vancouver Island Public Library -- Kanopy: 93 and numbers.

Italy Unpacked:  Andrew Graham-Dixon and Giorgio Lucatelli highlight Italian art and cuisine.  See HERE for another playlist.

Rome Unpacked:

"The Philosopher Kings," 2010 (69 mins).

"Shoplifters," 2019:

"Nomadland," 2021:

"Virus That Shook The World, Part 1," Frontline, PBS, April 26, 2021.  (114 mins)

"Virus That Shook The World, Part 2," Frontline, PBS, April 27, 2021.  (53 mins)

"Coming Home," 2020 (42 mins):

"Burning," 2018 (148 mins): Available on Prime.

"On Body And Soul":  Available on Netflix

Waldemar Januszczak Art Documentaries:  A playlist of several videos.

"Bannon's War," Frontline, PBS, September 28, 2021.  (53 mins)

D.  Audio Sources

  : One of the BBC's flagship news programmes.

  Weekend Edition Saturday:  Scott Simon hosts this weekly news round-up.

  Weekend Edition Sunday:  Liane Hansen hosts this weekly news round-up.

  Morning Edition:  Daily news from the American public broadcaster.

  All Things Considered:  Nightly news from the American public broadcaster.

Vancouver Island Regional Library Audiobooks:

E.  Magazines

New York Review Of Books:  31060581911 and short.

Economist:  add economist.

1843:  add economist.

Vancouver Island Regional Library Magazines:  Access to a variety of publications.

Frontline:  93 and numbers plus Frontline with number.

F.  Vancouver Island Theatres

Comox Valley Art Gallery Film Series:

Sid Williams Theatre:

Courtenay Little Theatre:

Cineplex Events:

River City Players:

Port Theatre:

Theatre One:

Echo Players:

Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre:

University Of Victoria Phoenix Theatre:

Royal And McPherson Theatre Society:

Langham Court Theatre:

Belfry Theatre:

Theatre BC:

G.  News Sites

BBC News:


New York Times;


CBC British Columbia:

Victoria Times-Colonist:

Comox Valley Record:

H.  Comox Valley

Comox Valley Record Calendar:

Comox Valley Community Calendar:

Tide Change Community Calendar:


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