Write a well-focused commentary upon a Discussion Topic assigned for class.  What did you find most interesting about the materials and how would you begin to make sense of the topic through highlighting a particular important theme or issue? (recommended length: approximately 21+ pages per Discussion Topic)  Note that I routinely include a large archive of possible resources in each Discussion Topic.  I certainly don't expect you to read everything in any Discussion Topic, but do encourage you to find some resources of interest.  Spend at least half an hour browsing in each Discussion Topic before our class sessions but then spend more time in the ones of particular interest to you as we move through the semester.  You should spend a minimum of an hour apiece on those Discussion Topics you choose to write about.  You are, of course, welcome to engage in your own independent research about particular Discussion Topics as well.

Discussion Topics

Swastika As Sacred Symbol

Sacred Varanasi

Of Elephant Gods, Monkey Kings And Sacred Cows

Kumbh Mela

Burma And Buddhism

Tibetan Buddhism In The News


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