Reflections On Entering The Course

Bhagavad Gita Book Response (2+ pages)

Dhammapada Book Response (2+ pages)

Other Asian Religions Entry

2+ Discussion Topic Commentaries

2+  Listening Responses and/or Viewing Responses

2+  Religion In The News Entries

Reflections On Leaving The Course

There is no one model for a successful Journal.  Strong Journals often have two or three core entries of a few pages apiece that serve to anchor the Journal.  Some other students push to excellence by writing frequently about a wide variety of topics.  I appreciate that this is a writing-intensive assignment, but it is a very manageable one so long that you break it into weekly components.  I recommend that your Journal include at least ten entries and be at least approximately 15 double-spaced pages in length.  Those who opt for the Note-Taking/Journal Combo may end up with considerably less than 15 pages of "My Thoughts" (the Journal component of the Combo) but should have an average of at least two or three pages of Notes for each week of the curriculum.

***The above list is offered as a basic core structure for your journal.  You are not required to complete each and every one of the above entries.  Try also to come up with your own ideas for entries based upon your interests and learning style.  Strive to make analytical comparisons between topics as you move through the course.




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