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Approaching The Course

Late Policy Discussion Forum Contributions My Assumptions About This Course
Reflections On Entering The Course Sacred Signs Mini-Assignment Nine Lives MIni-Essay
Other Religions Project Other Religions Research Template  
Comparative Religions Grid Assignment Comparative Religions Grid Comparative Religion Sample Assignment
Reflections On Leaving The Course    

The LIB 131 Journal And Its Components:

Journal Instructions

Recommended Journal Components

Option 1: The Regular Journal

Option 2: The Note-Taking/Journal Combo

A List Of Some Possible Journal Entries

Some Journal Components: Bhagavad-Gita Dhammapada -- Verses On The Way

Sikhism: A Very Short Introduction

Discussion Topic Commentaries

Listening and Viewing Responses

Reading Responses






Assignments From Past Semesters:

Recommended First Half Journal Components

Recommended Second Half Journal Components

World's Religions

Tao Te Ching


Web Site Review


God Is Not One

Study Guide For Liberal 131 Final Exam

Liberal 131 Final Exam Useful Links




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