This first section of the course combines a general introduction to the curriculum with a focus upon Hinduism.

We will discuss our first book of the semester, Nine Lives, in Week 4.  Although I will provide some optional additional resources as supplementary materials for each of the core texts, I do expect you to read and interpret the books yourselves.  Relying upon reviews is not a suitable substitute for reading a book directly.

Copies of Nine Lives are in the  NIC bookstore, while it is also available in an E-Text Edition.  You will be reviewing Nine Lives as your second assignment.

Although we will not be using a textbook in this course, remember that I highlighted Willard Oxtoby's World Religions: Eastern Traditions as an optional purchase for anyone who does think their own experience of this course might be enriched through the addition of a basic survey of the major Asian religions.

You should have started your LIB 131 Journal using either the Option 1 (Regular Journal) or Option 2 (Note-Taking Journal Combo) approach.


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