We are in the middle of our Hinduism unit.  We will switch over to into the study of Buddhism at the end of February.

Here are some important course details to help you plan ahead:

1)  We will be discussing the Bhagavad Gita the Thursday coming out of Reading Break (February 25).  We will then discuss the Dhammapada two weeks later.  You should purchase these books now if you have not already done so.  They are available at the NIC Bookstore but will be returned to the publishers on February 24.  Both volumes are also available in E-Text editions (Bhagavad Gita -- Kindle, $15; Dhammapada -- Kindle, $14).

2)  You should be well under way on your LIB 131 Journal using either the Option 1 (Regular Journal) or Option 2 (Note-Taking Journal Combo) approach.  This is intended as a week-by-week semester-long assignment.  I will be collecting your Journals for a mandatory-but-ungraded check-in on March 1 in order to gauge your progress.  The Journals will then be due for a second hand-in on April 11.  I am very willing to look at your Journal before March 1 if you want some early feedback.  I may also also check in with students who seem to be on the margins of the course before that date.


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