We will have a seminar discussion next week (Thursday, March 11) on the Dhammapada.  This will be our main text-based introduction to Buddhism.  Our particular edition includes a short introduction and very helpful end-notes.  I strongly recommend that you read that latter if you have our edition:  Glenn Wallis, ed. and trans., Dhammapada: Verses On The Way (New York: Modern Library, 2007).

You have three main second-half academic responsibilities:

1)  Engaging as a participant in the Week 10 Other Asian Religions Mini-Presentations.  (10%)

2)  Completing your Comparative Religion Grid due on April 1.  (18%)

3)  Completing your semester-long Option 1-style or Option 2-style Journal due on April 11.  (38%)

It is important that you plan ahead to avoid being overwhelmed by course responsibilities at the end of the semester.  I will discuss these assignments in considerable detail during our video sessions, but will have limited patience for students who end up confused about the expectations for these projects as a result of recurrent absences from class.


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