We are in the middle of a brief three-week unit on Buddhism.  You need also to be looking ahead, as you have three different significant academic responsibilities to finish off the course.

It is important that you be available on both Tuesdays and Thursdays from Week 9 (March 16) until the end of the course (April 8), since we will need the extra time to prepare for and schedule the mini-presentations.

1)  You should be assigned to an Other Asian Religions Workshop group by March 11.  You should have engaged in some significant preliminary research on your particular religion by March 18.  I will open several minutes in class that day for you to meet with your classmates in a small group.  Presentations are scheduled for March 25.

2)  Your Comparative Religion Grid is due on April 1.  (18%)  There will be some flexibility here in regards to deadlines but I need all your work (including your Journal) by April 11.  I recommend that you use your Other Asian Religions topic as one of your choices for the Comparative Religion Grid as well.

3)  You should complete your semester-long Option 1-style or Option 2-style Journal by April 11.  (38%)


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