1)  We will devote this week to the Other Asian Religions Group Project.  You should engage in a few hours of preliminary study of your particular religion.  You may find the downloadable Other Religions Research Template to be a useful document for organizing your information.

You will meet with your fellow group members in your assigned chat room at 11:30 am on Tuesday, March 23.  Spend several minutes sharing what you found and discussing what is most interesting to you about the religion before moving to any strategizing about the mini-presentation.

We will then meet together as a full class in our regular virtual classroom on Thursday.  The expectation is that the mini-presentations will be improvised but still should be as educational as possible.  You will not be graded on your delivery.

Discuss on Tuesday how best you might use approximately half an hour of class time to offer a very general introduction to your religion.  How you do that is up to you.  You should decide amongst yourselves how each active group member can most effectively contribute to this exercise.  You need not have each group member speak and it's fully appropriate to highlight sub-themes of particular interest.  I'll be there with some backup if any of the groups do not receive adequate support from assigned group members.

I would like the groups to present in the following order:

i)  Shinto

ii)  Tibetan Buddhism

iii)  Jainism

The Other Asian Religions Project is worth 10% of the course grade.  You will need to know the names of your fellow group members.  Grading for this workshop will be based upon an equal combination of your evaluation of your peers and your own self-evaluation.

The standards used for evaluation are listed below.  You should fit each group member and yourself into the category that best fits.

a)  Evaluation Of Your Fellow Group Members

A:  The student was clearly well-prepared and made thoughtful contributions to the group.

B:  The student made some contributions to the group.

C:  The student was either not sufficiently prepared or on the margins of the group.

F:  The student was not an active group member.

b)  Self-Evaluation

A:  I researched my religion with diligence and fully participated with the group.

B:  I engaged in some research and attended the Tuesday small group workshop.

C:  I did not adequately support my group but tried to compensate for this by engaging in extensive individual research.

F:  I did not adequately support my group and did not engage in extensive individual research.

2)  We will discuss the Comparative Religion Grid on April 1 (18% of course grade).  That also is listed at the due date for that assignment, though there will be considerable flexibility here.  You should at the least be deep enough into the project by April 1 to have much to say during our class workshop on that Thursday.  Try to spend some good time this week working on the grid.  I recommend that you strongly consider using your Other Asian Religions topic as one of your religion choices.  In that case, you can be working simultaneously on the Other Asian Religions exercise and the Comparative Grid.


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