Your focus this week should be on the Comparative Religion Grid.

Your responsibilities for the week are the following:

1)  Members of the Jainism group should come to class on Thursday ready for your mini-presentation.

2)  We will also discuss the Comparative Religion Grid on April 1 (18% of course grade).  That is listed at the due date for that assignment, though there will be considerable flexibility here.  You should at the least be deep enough into the project by April 1 to have much to say during our class workshop that day.  Please bring your completed or in-progress grid with you to class.  I recommend that you strongly consider using your Other Asian Religions topic as one of your religion choices.

3)  Browse in Jainism In The News Shinto In The News Confucianism In The News Taoism In The News; and  Zoroastrianism In The News.

4)  Your Journal is due on April 11.  (38%)  You should submit your entire semester-long Option 1 or Option 2 Journal, including what you handed in for the March 1st required Journal-In-Progress Check-In, as one file.  My expectation is that you have been working regularly on the Journal throughout the term and doing your best to keep up with the week-by-week schedule.  It is not required that each syllabus topic or even each week be represented in your Journal.  I will be evaluating the degree of your engagement overall.


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