1)  Your focus this week should be on finishing your Comparative Grid and your LIB 131 Journal.  You should aim to have both completed by the end of Sunday, April 11.

2)  We will briefly discuss the Comparative Religion Grid on Tuesday, April 6 (18% of course grade).  Identify any issues or questions that you have in regards to the assignment as you move towards its completion.

3)  Your Journal is due on April 11.  (38%)  You should submit your entire semester-long Option 1 or Option 2 Journal, including what you handed in for the March 1st required Journal-In-Progress Check-In, as one file.  My expectation is that you have been working regularly on the Journal throughout the term and doing your best to keep up with the week-by-week schedule.  It is not required that each syllabus topic or even each week be represented in your Journal.  I will be evaluating the degree of your engagement overall.

4)  We will also discuss Sikhism this week.  I appreciate that we lack the time needed for a proper introduction to that religion.  You should, at a minimum, browse extensively in Sikhism In The News and come to class on Thursday ready to introduce one news story.

If possible, you should at least begin to push into Eleanor Nesbitt's Sikhism: A Very Short Introduction.  I have also listed video and audio links as Optional Extras ( Sikhism Video Links  ; Sikhism Audio Links  ) .  Engage in the study of Sikhism to the degree that time permits.


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