You should now have a basic understanding of the layout of the course and should have decided whether you will choose Option 1 or Option 2 for your Journal.  It is time to get started on that assignment if you have not already done so.

Your focus this week should be on the Sacred Symbols project.  You need to put together a small Powerpoint slide show for Thursday's class.

Your responsibilities for the week are the following:

1)  Listen to the hour-long ABC audio documentary about Varanasi from the Listening and Viewing section of the Week 2 Syllabus for Tuesday's class.  ( "Varanasi: A Living History")

2)  Spend at least several minutes browsing in the Sacred Varanasi Discussion Topic.  There are many materials collected here, and you are encouraged to look at a wide array of them if you have the time to do so.  Your most important responsibilities for the Week, though, are #3 and #4, and it is appropriate to focus upon them.

3)  Choose the three symbols you will focus upon for your Sacred Signs Guidebook.  Get started on your research for this assignment, taking notes here for your Note-Taking/Journal Combo if you have chosen that as your Journal option.  It is fine if there is some overlap between that semester-long project and the course's mini-assignments such as the Guidebook and the Nine Lives Reading Response.

4)  Prepare an informal but well-organized five-minute mini-presentation on one of your symbols for this Thursday, January 21.  This should be accompanied by a 5+-slide PPT.  We will divide into small groups on Thursday and you will introduce your chosen symbol to a few classmates.  The Sacred Signs Guidebook and Powerpoint are due on Tuesday, January 26th (10%).


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