We will continue on with our introductory look at Hinduism this week.

Your responsibilities for the week are the following:

1)  Browse in the Hinduism In The News archive.  Find at least one story that captures your interest and come to class ready to describe and comment upon that story.

2)  Watch the feature-length documentary Faith Connections about the 2012 Kumbh Mela festival.

3)  Complete your Nine Lives Reading Response with a target due date of February 14th (12% of the course grade).  It is ok to take up to a few extra days extra if that is helpful.  You should submit your assignment through the drop box on Blackboard.

4)  There are several interesting Optional Extras listed on the Syllabus for this week.  Access at least one of these resources.  The Hinduism: On-Line Text and Kim Knott's Hinduism: A Very Short Introduction both offer overviews of Hinduism as a religion.  The Kumbh Mela Discussion Topic matches up well with the "Faith Connections" documentary, while other festivals are highlighted in Sacred Festivals In The News -- Hinduism.  I included the Hinduism: Audio Links and the Hinduism: Video Links to remind you that there are extensive supplementary materials on the course website for each of the religions we will study this semester.  The Journal format (Option 1 or Option 2) should provide you with the opportunity to engage with these resources at any time during the semester.

5)  Make at least one Discussion Forum Contribution through the Blackboard site.


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