Those who would dare are invited to step inside the North Island College time machine.  The destination for this special one-person edition of History 205 will be Italy.  The course will combine a month-long tour of the peninsula with intensive study of Italian history, art and culture.  Ten weeks of guided independent study will precede the May travel component, and then there will be another four weeks of reflection, review and wrap-up after our return to Canada.

Course Assignments

1)  History Through Art Scrapbook (40%):  The History Through Art Scrapbook is designed to provide a focus for learning about Italian civilization and history through art.  The subject matter will stretch from ancient Rome to contemporary times, though there will be a heavy emphasis placed upon the Renaissance era.  The presentation format will be an oversized scrapbook.  The written contents will consist of a collection of descriptions and commentaries about individual artists, museums, art works and various more broad-based themes.  Visual images should also be a fundamental component of the scrapbook, though you can decide whether these will be limited to electronic reproductions or include hand drawings as well.  The Art Scrapbook should be at least 25 pages in total and should include at least the equivalent of 12 pages of writing.  The due date is Monday, April 27.

2)  Grand Tour Italy 2015 Journal  (30%):  The Grand Tour Italy 2015 Journal is meant to provide a forum in which to reflect upon all pre-trip learning that does not logically and easily fit within the History Through Art Scrapbook.  It will consist of a series of research summaries and reading, viewing, and listening responses.  The Journal entries need not all take the same form.  Some may be very brief while others may be much more developed and stretch to a few pages apiece.  Some entries may be fact-based and represent your overview of a particular focused research topic.  Others may be more personalized, interpretive or reflective in nature.  The Journal should be organized into various thematic sections.  Recommended sections include the following, though you may also want to design your own categories as the semester proceeds:  1)  Places We Will Visit;  2)  History;  3)  Current Events; 4)  Reflections And Anticipations; 5)  Miscellaneous.  Note that there will be many curricular materials that could be placed in any number of different sections in the journal, and indeed might be placed in either the Scrapbook or the Journal.  You have the freedom to make these editorial decisions yourself.  The Grand Tour Italy 2015 Journal should include at least 12 pages of writing.  The due date is Monday, April 27.

3)  Mackenzie's Italy 2015 Virtual Museum (30%):  The Virtual Museum will take the form of a very elaborate Powerpoint Presentation to be completed upon your return to Canada.  It should combine at least 80 images and the equivalent of at least 4 pages of text.  It should offer both a review of and reflection upon what you have learned through the course.  The most important source for the images will be from photographs you have taken during the tour, though there is no reason to limit the images to these alone.  The photos will drive the project, but they should be accompanied by insightful and reflective captions.  One aide for the written  work embedded within the presentation will be the journal notes you take during the tour itself  -- those notes, though, will be private ones and you need not share them with anyone.  The Virtual Museum will be a word and photo essay, but rather than being organized like a regular essay, will be structured around different "rooms" in an imaginary museum.  You will use themed photos and elaborate captions to introduce the viewer to your physical and mental journey.  Each room should be titled and the museum should have at least 10 rooms.  Some or even most rooms may be very straightforward:  egs. Florence, Matera, Exploring Pompeii, Venice or the Vatican Museum.  But I also encourage you to think of more thematic rooms before, during and after the tour: egs. Ancient and Modern Gods; Women; Connecting To The Past; Relics; Final Thoughts.    The due date is Monday, July 6.



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