Introductory Comments

Mantua is celebrated as one of the Renaissance's finest small cities.  It features two palaces that features artwork from very different artists: the refined frescoes of Mantegna in the case of the Palazzo Ducale, and the inventive Mannerism of Giuliu Romano in the Palazzo Te.  The 2012 earthquake had a significant impact on the city.

Useful Websites

Mantua -- Wikipedia:

Terre Di Mantova:

Guide To Mantua:


Albergo Meuble Abatjour:  A budget option.

A. A. A. Armonie B & B:

Palazzo Arrivabene B & B:  A luxurious option that might be a possibility if we were in Mantua for a short stay.

Touring Information

Palazzo Ducale:

Palazzo Ducale:

Ducale Palace, Mantua -- Wikipedia:

Palazzo Te:

Palazzo Del Te -- Wikipedia:



Several companies offer cruises on Mantua's lakes.  There even is the option of a full-day voyages as far as Ferrara and Venice (approximately 90-140 Euros apiece).  For boating outfits, see Montonavi Andes Negrini or



John Brunton, "Mantua: Italy's Sleeping Beauty City," Guardian, March 29, 2013.


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