Remembering September 11th

"Thank God For The Atom Bomb"

Japan And World War II Memory

Hiroshima And Nagasaki At 75

Iconic War Photos

Things They Carried

Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier

Gavrilio Princip And Franz Ferdinand In Myth And Memory

Gallipoli And World War I

Great War At 100

Complete Maus

Auschwitz At 75

Armenia And World War I

Remembering Rwanda

War And The Birth Of A Nation (1) -- Bangladesh As A Case Study

Vimy Ridge In Myth And Memory

In Praise Of Forgetting





Discussion Topics From Past Semesters:

Of Jihads And Crusades

Warriors And Peace-Makers

Confederate Flag In The News

Confederate Monuments In The News

Danger Tree

Spanish Civil War And Historical Memory

Poland And World War II Memory

Theater Of War

War And Family Memory

Sites Of War Memory Student Mini-Presentations

Christmas Truce

Remembering World War II

Auschwitz In The News

Srebrenica 20 Years Later


We Stand On Guard For Thee: Canada And War Memory

Canada In The Great Power Game

The Warrior's Corpse And Historical Memory: Alexander The Great, Genghis Khan, Napoleon, And Hitler As Case Studies

National Anthems

David Irving, John Demjanjuk And The Scales Of Memory

Odysseus In America

Six Days War 50 Years Later


Extra Resources For "Shoah"

Simon Wiesenthal

Old Iconic War Photos

Scales Of Memory: The David Irving, Slobodan Milosevic And Saddam Hussein Trials As Case Studies

Old We Stand On Guard: Canada And War Memory

War Of 1812 And Historical Memory


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