"Wonders Of The African World," PBS:  The American academic Henry Louis Gates, JR. travels around Africa in search of African History

Episodes 1 and 2: Black Kingdoms Of The Nile and The Swahili Coast.

Episodes 3 and 4: The Slave Kingdoms and The Holy Land.

Episodes 5 and 6: The Road To Timbuktu and Lost Cities Of The South.

 Lost Kingdoms Of Africa, BBC:  Art historian Gus Casely-Hayford reveals the pre-colonial history of some of Africa's most important kingdoms in a four-part series.


Berber Kingdom Of Morocco

Bunyoro And Buganda

Zulu Kingdom

Kingdom Of Asante

West Africa

Great Zimbabwe


"Dan Snow's History Of Congo," BBC:

"The Empire Of Mali," Extra Credits, April 14, 2018:

"The Twang OF A Bow," Extra History #1;

"An Empire Of Trade And Faith," Extra History #2;

"Mansa Musa," Extra History #3;

"The Cracks Begin To Show," Extra History #4;

"The Final Bloody Act," Extra History #5.

"Africa: Zulu Empire," Extra Credits, 2015:

"Shaka Zulu Becomes King," Extra History #1;

"The Wrath Of Shaka Zulu," Extra History #2;

"Diamonds In South Africa," Extra History #3;

"Last Stands And Changing Fortunes," Extra History #4.


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