"Art Of Eternity," BBC Four, 2011:  Andrew Graham-Dixon explores the evolution of early Christian art.

Part 1, Painting Paradise

Part 2, The Glory Of Byzantium

Part 3, When East Meets West

  "Art Of Spain," BBC Four, 2011:

Part 1, The Moorish South

Part 2, The Dark Heart

Part 3, The Mystical North

  "Art Of Germany," BBC Four, 2011

Part 1, A Divided Land

Part 2, Dream And Machine

Part 3, In The Shadow Of Hitler

  "The Ascent Of Money: A Financial History Of The World," PBS:  The entire four-hour series by British historian Niall Ferguson.

  "Black In Latin America," PBS, 2011:

Haiti And The Dominican Republic: An Island Divided

Cuba: The Next Revolution

Brazil: A Racial Paradise?

Mexico And Peru: A Hidden Race

  "The Crusades," BBC, 2012:  Thomas Asbridge hosts this recent introduction to The Crusades.

Episode 1, Holy War

Episode 2, Clash Of The Titans

Episode 3, Victory And Defeat

  "Conquistadors," BBC:  Michael Woods tells the story of the Conquest of the Americas.

Fall Of The Aztecs

The Conquest Of The Incas

The Search For El Dorado

All The World Is Human

  "A Taste For Power" Empire, BBC, 2012:

"Playing The Game," Empire, BBC, 2012:

"Making A Fortune," Empire, BBC, 2012:

"Doing Good," Empire, BBC, 2012:

"Making Ourselves At Home," Empire, BBC, 2012:

  "Why Britain?," Empire -- How Britain Made The Modern World, 2009

"White Plague," Empire -- How Britain Made The Modern World, 2009:

"The Mission," Empire -- How Britain Made The Modern World, 2009:

"Heaven's Breed," Empire -- How Britain Made The Modern World, 2009:

"Maxim Force," Empire -- How Britain Made The Modern World, 2009:

"Empire For Sale," Empire -- How Britain Made The Modern World, 2009:

  "The French Revolution," History Channel:

  "The Great Inca Rebellion," NOVA, PBS:

  "Horror In The East," BBC, 2008:

Episode 1

Episode 2

  "Inside The Medieval Mind," BBC Four, 2011:

Episode 1, Knowledge

Episode 2, Sex

Episode 3, Belief

Episode 4, Power

  "An Islamic History Of Europe," BBC 4, 2011:

  "Japan: Memoirs Of A Secret Empire," PBS, 2009:

The Will Of The Shogun, Episode 1

The Way Of The Samurai, Episode 2

The Return Of The Barbarians, Episode 3

  "Racism: A History," BBC, 2007:

Episode 1, The Colour Of Money

Episode 2, Fatal Impacts

Episode 3, A Savage Legacy

  The Story Of India, BBC, 2010:  An extraordinarily impressive overview of Indian civilization from Michael Wood.

"Beginnings", Episode 1:

Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4

"Power Of Ideas", Episode 2:

"Spice Routes And Silk Roads," Episode 3:

"Ages Of Gold," Episode 4:

"Meeting Of Two Oceans," Episode 5:

"Freedom And Liberation," Episode 6:

  "War Of The Century," BBC, 2008:

Episode 1, High Hopes

Episode 2, Spiral Of Terror

Episode 3, Learning To Win

Episode 4, Vengeance


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