Discussion Topics:  Modern Europe

Napoleon And The Napoleonic Wars In The News

Karl Marx At 200

Communist Manifesto

Cecil Rhodes, King Leopold, And Historical Memory

New Imperialism

Sophia Duleep Singh And Maharajah Duleep Singh


Romanov's Bones And Lenin's Body

Suffragettes In The News

Russian Revolution At 100

Great War As World History

Gavrilo Princip And Franz Ferdinand In Myth And Memory

Christmas Truce Last Witnesses

Nazi Propaganda And Anti-Semitism Questions

Nazi Propaganda

Mussolini In The News

Spanish Civil War And Historical Memory

Weimar Germany In The News

Auschwitz In The News

Cold War In The News

German Reunification At 30 Stalin And Historical Memory

Post-Soviet Russia In The News

Collapse Of The Soviet Union 30 Years Later

Ukrainian History In The News





Discussion Topics From Past Semesters:

French Revolution And Its Legacies

19th Century Russian Culture

Crimean War

Great War At 100

In Europe

Unwomanly Face Of War

WW II Mini-Presentations

Remembering World War II


EU At 60

Germany -- Memories Of A Nation

Proud Tower

Drowned And The Saved

Inglorious Empire

Darwin Anniversaries

Humanizing Hitler?




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