Atlantis: The Evidence, Timewatch, BBC:  Bettany Hughes links the Thera eruption of the second millennium BCE and the legend of Atlantis.

  "Bacchus Uncovered: Ancient God Of Ecstasy," 2018, BBC Four (58 mins).  This video is also available through NIC's Films On Demand.

  BBC Gods And Monsters, Homer's Odyssey, 2010:

  Crash Course Mythology:

  #1, What Is Myth:

  #2, Creation From The Void:

#3, Cosmic Sexy Time, Eggs, Sees, And Water:

  #4, Earth Mothers And Rebellious Sons:

#5, Social Order And Creation Stories:

  #6, Humans And Nature And Creation:

  #7, Pantheons Of The Ancient Mediterranean:

#8, Indian Pantheons:

  #9, The Greeks And Romans:

  #10, Norse Pantheon:

  #11, African Pantheons And The Orishas:

  #12, Theories Of Myth:

  #13, Great Goddesses:

  #14, Fire And Buffalo Goddesses:

  #15, Archetype And Male Divinities:

  #16, Floods In The Ancient Near East:

  #17, Yu The Engineer And The Flood Stories From China:

  #18, American Floods:

  #19, The Dying God:

  #20, Tricksters:

  #21, Hermes and Loki And Tricksters, Part 2:

  #22, Coyote And Raven, American Tricksters:

  #23, The Apocalypse:

  #24, Ragnarok:

  #25, The Hero's Journey And The Monomyth:

  #26, Epic Of Gilgamesh:

  #27, Rama And The Ramayana:

  #28, Galahad, Perceval, And The Holy Grail:

  #29, Mwindo Epic:

  #30, Herakles, Or Hercules -- A Problematic Hero:

  #31, Ma'ui, Oceania's Hero:

  #32, Mythical Caves And Gardens:

  #33, Mythical Mountains:

  #34, Mythical Trees:

  #35, Cities Of Myth:

  #36, Monsters -- They're Us, Man:

  #37, Mythical Horses:

  #38, Serpents And Dragons:

  #39, Witches And Hags:

  #40, Freud, Jung, Luke Skywalker, And The Psychology Of Myth:

  #41, Mythical Language And Idiom:

Big Rock Story, 2006:  A short animated feature from the Campbell River Museum and RavenTales.

  Clash Of The Gods -- Beowulf

Clash Of The Gods -- Hades:  An introduction to the lord of death from the History Channel's big-budget-but-ultimately-disappointing introduction to mythology.

Clash Of The Gods -- Hercules:  A portrait of the Greeks preeminent hero.

Clash Of The Gods -- Medusa:  An introduction to the famous Greek Gorgon.

Clash Of The Gods -- Minotaur

Clash Of The Gods -- Odysseus:  An extensive introduction to the Homeric hero from the History Channel's big-budget-but-ultimately-disappointing introduction to mythology.

Episode 1: Curse Of The Sea

Episode 2:  Warrior's Revenge

Clash Of The Gods -- Thor

Clash Of The Gods -- Tolkien's Monsters

Clash Of The Gods -- Zeus:  An overview of the head Olympian from the History Channel's big-budget-but-ultimately-disappointing introduction to mythology.

Comparative Mythology -- Jesus, Mithras And Osiris:

  Delphi: Bellybutton Of The World, BBC Four:  An episode in the Glory of Greece series presented by Michael Scott.

  Devdutt Pattanaik, "East Vs. West -- The Myths that Mystify," TED Talks, November 19, 2009:

Devdutt Pattanik, "Women In Hindu Mythology," Shift Series, September 9, 2014.

  Dinosaurs As Myth, BBC:

Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5; Part 6; Part 7; Part 8.

  "Egyptian Gods Explained In 13 MInutes," The Life Guide, 2019.  (14 mins)

   "The Entire Story Of Greek Mythology Explained," The Life Guide, 2023.  (210 mins)

  Epic of Gilgamesh -- An Animation:  A condensed cartoon introduction to the ancient epic.

Extra Mythology: A series of brief introductions to various myths from Extra Credits.

  "Death Of The Party," June 14, 2023.  (10 mins)

  "Orpheus . . . Goes To Hell," May 10, 2023.  (10 mins)

  ". . . And Why the Wizard Didn't Stop It!," April 5, 2023.  (10 mins)

  "Baba Yaga: When Wishes Come True," March 22, 2023.  (10 mins)

  "The Rakshasa: Ravana And Vibhishana," September 22, 2021.  (9 mins)

  "Sedna -- Inuit Mother Of The Deep," August 11, 2021.  (9 mins)

  "Mulan, The Girl Who Didn't Have To Change To Become A Hero," June 30, 2021.  (9 mins)

  "Hermaphroditus, Intersex Icon," June 16, 2021.  (9 mins)


"Beowulf Vs. Grendel," May 5, 2021.  (9 mins)

"Grendel's Mother Reacts," May 19, 2021.  (8 mins)

"The Dragon," June 2, 2021.  (11 mins)

  "Medusa -- Monstrous Misconceptions," April 21, 2021.  (8 mins)

  "The Furies, Divine Vengeance Or Justice?," April 7, 2021.  (9 mins)

  "Enuma Elish -- Genesis Of Genesis," December 9, 2020.  (8 mins)

  "Ganesha, Parvati And Shiva's Sons," October 14, 2020.  (7 mins)

  "Bhagavad Gita -- Krishna Speaks With Prince Arjuna," September 30, 2020.  (7 mins)

  "Persephone And Hades, A Match Made In Hell," September 2, 2020.  (8 mins)

  "Thor And Loki -- The Lay Of Thrym," July 1, 2020.  (8 mins)

The Iliad:

  Episode 1, "Prelude To War," June 3, 2020.  (8 mins)

  Episode 2, "Prizes And Prejudice," June 17, 2020.  (8 mins)

  Episode 3, "Deadly Destiny," July 15, 2020.  (7 mins)

  Episode 4, "End Game," July 29, 2020.  (8 mins)

  "Saint George And The Dragon -- Into The Maw Of Danger," May 20, 2020.  (8 mins)

  Cuchulainn And The Morrigan:

"Spurning A Goddess," April 20, 2020.  (9 mins)

"The Hand Of Culann," May 6, 2020.  (8 mins)

  The Monkey King:

Episode 1, "The Search For Immortality," February 26, 2020.  (10 mins)

Episode 2, "Sun Wukong," March 11, 2020.  (11 mins)

  Twelve Labors Of Hercules:

Episode 1, "The Quest For Phat Loot!," November 18, 2019.  (9 mins)

Episode 2, "Rules Lawyering," December 2, 2019.  (9 mins)

  "The Origins Of Dragons," November 4, 2019.  (8 mins)

  Anansi Stories:

"Anansi The Spider-Man," October 7, 2019.  (9 mins)

"Anansi And The Coming Of Jealousy," October 21, 2019.  (7 mins)

Aztec Myth:

  "Fifth Sun," August 5, 2019.  (10 mins)

  "Founding Of Mexico," August 11, 2019.  (7 mins)

  "The Rainmaker, Ualarai Stories -- Australian Aboriginal Myth," July 1, 2019.  (7 mins)

  "Tale Of The Golden Tree, Nart Sagas, North Caucasus Myth," May 6, 2019.  (8 mins)

Persian Myth:

Episode 1, "Zahhak The Demon King," April 8, 2019.  (10 mins)

  Episode 2, "Zal and Rudabeh, A Love Story," April 22, 2019.  (10 mins)


Episode 1, "Gilgamesh And Enkidu," March 11, 2019.  (7 mins)

Episode 2, "Gilgamesh Vs. Humbaba," March 25, 2019.  (8 mins)

  Native American Myth:

"Nlaka'pamux, The Adventures Of Coyote," February 11, 2019.  (8 mins)

"The Wendigo, The Omushkego Tribe," February 25, 2019.  (9 mins)

  Celtic Myth:

Episode 1, "The Isle Of Destiny," January 14, 2019.  (7 mins)

Episode 2, "Formorian Blues," January 28, 2019.  (8 mins)

  "Izanami And Izanagi, Underworld Blues," December 3, 2018.  (7 mins)


Episode 1, "Plans Of Bismarck Proportion," November 5, 2018.  (8 mins)

Episode 2, "Medusa," November 19, 2018.  (7 mins)


Episode 1, "Origins," October 8, 2018.  (8 mins)

Episode 2, "Making Of Man," October 22, 2018.  (10 mins)

  "Yggdrasil, Nine Worlds Of The Norse," April 20, 2018.  (7 mins)

  "Aesir-Vanir War," April 9, 2018.  (6 mins)

  "Gilgamesh And The Flood," Histocrat, December 1, 2021.  (132 mins)

Gilgamesh: Journeys To The End Of The World, Great Voyages Lecture Series, Penn Museum, Steve Tinney, January 8, 2014.

Girl Who Married The Moon, 2010:  A short animated feature from the Alutiq Museum and the Kodiak Island School District.

  Great Beasts Of Legend:  A 2016-2017 Penn Museum Lecture Series.

Anzu -- The Lion-Headed Eage Who Wanted To Rule The Universe, Steve Tinney, October 5, 2016.

Beasts In The Night Sky -- The Constellation Myths Of Greece And Rome, Patrick Glauthier, April 5, 2017.

Centaurs, Sirens And Chimaera -- The Greeks And Their Monsters, Jeremy McInerney, November 2, 2016.

Man Lions, 'Blood-Seed' Demons, And Wish-Fulfilling Cows -- Assorted Beings From The Indian Imagination, Deven Patel, May 3, 2017.

Monsters Of The Maya Cosmos, Simon Martin, February 1, 2017.

Strong Silent Type -- The Sphinx, Jennifer Houser Wegner, December 7, 2016.

Tomb Guardians -- The Story Of The Chinese Winged Lions In The Penn Museum, Adam Smith, June 7, 2017.

Underwater Panthers And Their Place In The Native American Cosmos, Megan Kassabaum, March 1, 2017.

  Great Greek Myths, Arte France 2015 (Available through NIC's Films On Demand):

Zeus In Love (25:45)

Prometheus, The Rebel Of Olympus (26:12)

Tartarus, The Damned Of The Earth (26:09)

Psyche, Beauty And The Beast (26:06)

Zeus And The Conquest Of Power (26:15)

Medea, Murderous Love (26:00)

Oedipus, The Riddle Solver (26:14)

Perseus, The Look Of Death (26:01)

Hermes, The Impenetrable Messenger (25:47)

Heracles, The Man Who Became A God (26:03)

Hades, A Reluctant King (25:50)

Antigone, The Woman Who Said 'No' (25:55)

Bellerophon, The Man Who Wanted To Be A God (25:49)

Aphrodite, Dictated By Desire (26:13)

Athena, Armed Wisdom (25:51)

Daedalus And Icarus, A Shattered Dream (26:15)

Dionysus, An Outsider In The City (26:13)

Apollo, Shadow And Light (25:56)

Theseus, The Ravages Of Oversight (25:53)

Orpheus, A Hymn Of Impossible Love (25:49)

  Great Greek Myths -- Iliad, Arte France, 2019 (Available through NIC's Films On Demand):

Episode 1, Apple Of Discord (26 mins)

Episode 2, Time For Sacrifice (26 mins)

Episode 3, Wrath Of Achilles (26 mins)

Episode 4, Blood Of The Goddess (26 mins)

Episode 5, Sword And The Scales (26 mins)

Episode 6, Hera's Plan (26 mins)

Episode 7, Patroclus And The Myrmidons (26 mins)

Episode 8, Achilles' Revenge (26 mins)

Episode 9, Vanquish Or Die (26 mins)

Episode 10, Trojan Horse (26 mins)

  Great Myths And Legends:  A 2015-2016 Penn Museum Lecture Series.

Adapa The Sage -- Flood, Myth And Magic In Early Mesopotamia, Steve Tinney, November 4, 2015.

Golden Age Of King Midas, Brian Rose, March 2, 2016.

Hero Twins Of The Americas -- Myths Of Origins, Duality, And Vengeance, Megan Kassabaum and Simon Martin, February 3, 2016.

Queen Of Sheba In History And Legend, Annette Y. Reed, April 6, 2016.

Warrior Women -- Amazons And The Greek Imagination, Jeremy McInerney, May 4, 2016.

  Greek Myths: Tales Of Traveling Heroes:  A 2010 BBC documentary hosted by the classicist Robin Lane Fox.  (89 mins)

  Helen Of Troy:  Bettany Hughes's biography of the mythic queen of Sparta.

Hindu Mythology:  Animated children's feature films, several in Hindi with English subtitles:


  Hanuman:  A 2005 animated movie.



  Little Krishna -- The Darling Of Vrindavan:

  Little Krishna -- The Legendary Warrior:

  Little Krishna -- Wondrous Feats:

Little Krishna (Complete):  All three videos in one 4 hour 19 minute edition.

  Luv -- Kush:

  Ravan -- King Of Lanka:

History Of Mythology With Devdutt Pattanaik, Peepul Tree World -- Live History India:

The Story Of Brahma, Episode 1.  (4 mins)

The Story Of Vishnu, Episode 2.  (4 mins)

The Story Of Shiv Parivar, Episode 3.  (4 mins)

The Story Of Durga, Episode 4.  (4 mins)

The Story Of Lakshmi, Episode 5.  (4 mins)

The Story Of Saraswati, Episode 6.  (4 mins)

The Story Of Indra, Episode 7.  (3 mins)

The Story Of Surya, Episode 8.  (4 mins)

    "In Search Of Beowulf," BBC Four, 2012:  Michael Wood explores the Anglo-Saxon world through the ancient epic.

  In Search Of Myths And Heroes -- Jason And The Golden Fleece:  BBC producer Michael Wood at his absolute best.

In Search Of Myths And Heroes -- King Arthur:  BBC producer Michael Wood explores how mythology and history intersect.

In Search Of Myths And Heroes -- Queen Of Sheba:  BBC producer Michael Wood explores how mythology and history intersect.

In Search Of Myths And Heroes -- Shangri-La:  BBC producer Michael Wood explores how mythology and history intersect.

In Search Of Jason And The Argonauts, Journeys To The End Of The Earth, 2019.

  Lost Civilizations -- Aegean Civilization:  An episode from a major Time-Life series.

  Lost Civilizations -- Maya, The Blood Of Kings:  An episode from Time-Life's survey of world civilization.

  Lost Civilizations -- Mesopotamia, Return To Eden:  An episode from Time-Life's Lost Civilizations series.

Mahabharata, Myths Of Mankind:

  Mahabharat:  The full two-hour animated movie.

  Mahabharata -- Adi Parva, Birth Of Heroes:  A 52-minuted animated feature for children.

  Mahabharata Full Movie -- Sabha Parva, The Game Of Dice:  A 57-minuted animated feature for children.

  Mahabharata (The Epic) -- Kurukshetra:  A 53-minute animated feature for children.

  Ghatothkacha -- Short Stories From Mahabharata:  A 30-minute cartoon.

Heroes Of The Mahabharata:  A 69-minute cartoon.

  Krishna And Karna Stories -- Short Stories From The Mahabharata:  A 24-minute cartoon.

  Satyavan And Savitri -- Short Stories From Mahabharata:  A 38-minute cartoon.

  Draupadi -- Short Stories From Mahabharata:  A 27-minute cartoon.

Mahbharat:  A condensed 52-minute cartoon.

  Christopher C. Doyle, "Mysteries And The Mahabharata," TedxVVCE, February 4, 2020:

  "The Mahabharata," 1989:  All three Peter Brook television episodes in one 5-hour video.

"Peter Brook On The Making Of His 1985 Production Of The Mahabharata," YoungVicLondon, October 29, 2015:

Mahabhrat (2013):  A 3-minute trailer for the 2013 television series.

  Mars Uncovered -- Ancient God Of War, BBC, 2020.  (59 mins)

Mythillogical: A series of in-depth explorations of mythological themes from the Histocrat.

  "Anansi The Spider," June 14, 2023.  (153 mins)

  "Beowulf, Hero Of The Old English," March 20, 2023.  (155 mins)

  "The Earliest Creation Myths," November 7, 2022.  (105 mins)

  "Bigfoot, Part 1," July 27, 2022.  (179 mins)

  "Bigfoot, Part 2," August 22, 2022.  (163 mins)

  "Perseus And Medusa," May 25, 2022.  (102 mins)

  "Osiris, Lord Of The Dead," January 19, 2022.  (120 mins)

  "The Wild Hunt," August 29, 2021.  (141 mins)

  Heracles, Part 1, May 4, 2021.  (125 mins)

  "Heracles, Part 2," July 24, 2021.  (118 mins)

  "Yokai," Mythillogical #7, February 28, 2021.  (147 mins)

  "Baba Yaga," Mythillogical #4, September 26, 2020.  (129 mins)

  "King Arthur," Mythillogical #3, August 1, 2020.  (158 mins)

  "In The World Of Dragons," Mythillogical #2, June 10, 2020.  (167 mins)

  "Here Be Dragons," Mythillogical #1, May 19, 2020.  (115 mins)

  Mythology Of Star Wars:  The journalist Bill Moyers interviews George Lucas.

Myths From Around The World, Ted-Ed.

  "Who Is The Fastest Creature In Mythology?," Iseult Gillespie, TED-Ed, June 15, 2023.  (5 mins)

  "The Epic Tale Of The Wind Goddess' Gift," Sydney Laukea, TED-Ed, April 11, 2023.  (6 mins)

  "The Myth Of Pegasus And The Chimera," Iseult Gillespie, TED-Ed, September 29, 2022.  (6 mins)

  "The Myth Of Zeus' Test," Iseult Gillespie, TED-Ed, September 13, 2022.  (6 mins)

  "The Irish Myth Of Diarmuid's Betrayal," Iseult Gillespie, TED-Ed, May 5, 2022.  (5 mins)

  "The Myth Of The Original Star-Crossed Lovers," Shannon Zhao, TED-Ed, April 28, 2022.  (5 mins)

  "The Myth Of Narcissus And Echo," Iseult Gillespie, TED-Ed, February 2022.  (5 mins)

  "The Myth Of Gawain And The Green Knight," Dan Kwartler, TED-Ed, February 2022.  (5 mins)

  "The Myth Of Anansi, The Trickster Spider," Emily Zobel Marshall, TED-Ed, January 2022.  (4 mins)

  "The Tragic Myth Of The Sun God's Son," Iseult Gillepsie, TED-Ed, January 2022.  (5 mins)

  "The Myth Of Loki's Monstrous Children," Iseult Gillespie, TED-Ed, January 2022.  (6 mins)

  "The Twins Who Tricked The Maya Gods Of Death," Ilan Stavans, TED-Ed, November 2021.  (5 mins).

  "A Day In The Life Of The Oracle Of Delphi," Mark Robinson, TED-Ed, June 2021.  (5 mins)

  "The Epic Of Gilgamesh, The King Who Tried To Conquer Death," Soraya Field Fiorio, TED-Ed, May 2021.  (5 mins)

  "Savitri And Satyavan: The Legend Of The Princess Who Outwitted Death," Iseult Gillespie, TED-Ed, January 2021.  (6 mins).

  "The Myth Of Loki And The Deadly Mistletoe," Iseult Gillespie, TED-Ed, November 2020.  (5 mins)

  "The Myth Of Ireland's Two Greatest Warriors," Iseult Gillespie, TED-Ed, August 6, 2020.  (5 mins)

  "The Myth Of Jason, Medea, And The Golden Fleece," Iseult Gillespie, TED-Ed, July 2020.  (5 mins)

  "The Egyptian Myth Of The Death Of Osiris," Alex Gendler, TED-Ed, July 2020.  (4 mins)

  "The Egyptian Myth Of Isis And The Seven Scorpions," Alex Gendler, TED-Ed, March 2020.  (3 mins)

  "The Legend Of Annapurna, Hindu Goddess Of Nourishment," Antara Raychaudhuri and Iseult Gillespie, TED-Ed, February 2020.  (5 mins)

  "The Myth Of Loki And The Master Builder," Alex Gendler, TED-Ed, November 2019.  (4 mins)

  "The Taino Myth Of The Cursed Creator," Bill Keegan, TED-Ed, November 2019.  (3 mins)

  Greek Myth Of Talos, The First Robot, Adrienne Mayor, TED-Ed, October 2019.  (4 mins)

  "The Maya Myth Of The Morning Star," Gabrielle Vail, TED-Ed, October 2019.  (4 mins)

  "The Myth Of Jason And The Argonauts," Iseult Gillespie, TED-Ed, August 2019.  (5 mins)

  "The Aztec Myth Of The Unlikeliest Sun God," Kay Almere Read, TED-Ed, May 2019.  (4 mins)

  "How Thor Got His Hammer," Scott A. Mellor, TED-Ed, January 2019.  (5 mins)

  "The Myth Of Pandora's Box," Iseult Gillespie, TED-Ed, January 2019.  (4 mins)

  "The Myth Of Sisyphus," Alex Gendler, TED-Ed, November 2018 (5 mins).

  "The Myth Of Hercules," Alex Gendler, TED-Ed, September 2018.  (8 mins)

  Is There Any Truth To The King Arthur Legends?, Alan Lupack, TED-Ed, September 2018.  (5 mins)

  Cambodian Myth Of Lightning, Thunder, And Rain, Prusodun Ok, TED-Ed, April 10, 2018.  (5 mins)

  Myth Of King Midas And His Golden Touch, Iseult Gillespie, TED-Ed, March 5, 2018.  (5 mins)

  Myth Of Thor's Journey To The Land Of Giants, Scott A. Mellor, TED-Ed, February 22, 2018.  (5 mins)

  Myth Of Arachne, Iseult Gillespie, TED-Ed, February 8, 2018.  (4 mins)

  Myth Of Oisin and The Land Of Eternal Youth, Iseult Gillespie, TED-Ed, January 18, 2018.  (4 mins)

  Tragic Myth Of Orpheus And Eurydice, Brendan Pelsue, TED-Ed, January 11, 2018.  (5 mins)

  Myth Of Prometheus, Iseult Gillespie, TED-Ed, November 14, 2017.  (5 mins)

  Myth Of Cupid And Psyche, Brendan Pelsue, TED-Ed, August 3, 2017.  (5 mins)

  How Did Dracula Become The World's Most Famous Vampire?, Stanley Stepanic, TED-Ed, April 20, 2017.  (5 mins)

  Myth Of Icarus And Daedalus, Amy Adkins, TED-Ed, March 2017.  (5 mins)

  Myth Behind The Chinese Zodiac, Megan Campisis and Pen-Pen Chen, TED-Ed, January 26, 2017.  (4 mins)

  Egyptian Book Of The Dead -- A Guidebook For The Underworld, Tejal Gala, TED-Ed, October 31, 2016.  (5 mins)

  Science Behind The Myth -- Homer's 'Odyssey,' Matt Kaplan, TED-Ed, November 10, 2015.  (5 mins)

  Scientific Origins Of The Minotaur, Matt Kaplan, TED-Ed, July 20, 2015.  (5 mins)

  Vampires -- Folklore, Fantasy and Fact, Michael Molina, TED-Ed, October 29, 2013.  (7 mins)

Norse Mythology:

Creation Of The Universe,  Episode 1:

Creation Of The World,  Episode 2:

Day And Night, Sun And Moon,  Episode 3:

Golden Age Of Asgard,  Episode 4:

Gods Of Asgard,  Episode 5:

Yggdrasil And The Three Norns,  Episode 6:

Idunn's Apples,  Episode 7:  Part 1; Part 2; Part 3

Binding Of Fenrir,  Episode 8:  Part 1; Part 2

Thor's Hammer,  Episode 9:  Part 1; Part 2; Part 3

  "Norse Mythology Explained In 15 Minutes," The Life Guide, 2018.  (17 mins)

  Odyssey, 1997:  A feature-length television version of the Homeric epic.

  The Odyssey, Nostalgia, And The Lost Home, Great Voyages Lecture Series, Penn Museum, Peter Struck, April 2, 2014.

  Overly Sarcastic Productions -- Miscellaneous Myths.

  In The Path Of The Gods: Peter Ustinov hosts this 1995 survey of Greek mythology.

  Power Of Myth: Joseph Campbell's introduction to world mythology.

Hero's Adventure,  Episode 1

Message Of The Myth,  Episode 2:

The First Storytellers,  Episode 3:

Sacrifice And Bliss,  Episode 4:

Love And The Goddess,  Episode 5:

Masks Of Eternity,  Episode 6:

Quest For Sir Gawain And The Green Knight:

  Ramayana -- The Epic:  A contemporary Bollywood animated version.

  Raven Steals The Light, 2009:  A 9-minute animated version of the Haida creation myth.

  Real Garden Of Eden, Episode 3, Bible's Buried Secrets, BBC (59 mins.)

  Sir Gawain And The Green Knight, BBC Four, 2011:

Tales From the Longhouse, 2010:  Perry Ground of the Onondaga speaks at the National Museum of the American Indian during the Native American Winter Storytelling Festival.

  "The Trojan War Saga," Homer's Iliad, Greek Mythology In Comics, 2023.  (45 mins)

  True Story Of Troy:  A History Channel documentary.

"The 12 Labours Of Herakles (Hercules): Greek Mythology And Its Deeper Meanings," Heroes And Legends Documentary Channel, March 15, 2021.  (39 mins)

  Venus Uncovered -- Ancient Goddess Of Love, BBC, 2017 (59 mins):  Bettany Hughes offers a portrait of the Greek goddess.    This video is also available through NIC's Films On Demand.

  Video SparkNotes -- Homer's The Odyssey Summary Part 1; Part 2; Part 3

  Viking Sagas, BBC FourProvides historical backdrop for these ancient narratives.:


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