Some Questions

What is most interesting about Ganesha and Hanuman, and where would you place each within the Hindu pantheon?  How would you compare and contrast them with other Hindu deities?

Are cows "sacred" in India?

To what extent does study of the theme of animals and animal deities within Hinduism offer an entry point into a better understanding of that religion?

Possible Starting Places

  "India's Sacred Cows," Religion And Ethics Newsweekly, PBS, February 7, 2014.

  Wendy Doniger, "Hinduism And Its Complicated History With Cows (And People Who Eat Them)," The Conversation, July 16, 2017.

"Rock On Hanuman":  A musical tribute to the monkey god from MC Yogi.

Ganesha Web Sites

  Ganesha -- Wikipedia:  An entry from the on-line encyclopedia.

Ambaa Choate, "Ganesha: Everything You Need To Know," Patheos (September 16, 2014).

  Hindu Gods And Goddesses -- Ganesha:  A very brief description from Indian Heritage.

  Subhamoy Das, "Ganesha: Lord Of Success," About.com Hinduism.

Ganesha or Ganapati:  An analysis of the symbolic significance of the god from the Hindu Website.

  Ganesh Chathurthi -- Wikipedia:  An entry from the on-line encyclopedia.

  Ganesh Chathurthi, BBC Religions:  A very brief description of the annual festival commemorating the birthday of Ganesh.

Ganesha Drinking Milk Miracle -- Wikipedia:  An entry from the on-line encyclopedia.

Hanuman Web Sites

  Hanuman -- Wikipedia:  An entry from the on-line encyclopedia.

  Hindu Gods And Goddesses -- Hanuman:  A very concise description from Indian Heritage.

  Subhamoy Das, "Lord Hanuman: About The Simian God Of The Hindus," About.Com Hindusim.

Symbolic Significance Of Hanuman, The Most Ancient Superman:  A focused analysis from the Hindu Website.

Sri Hanuman:  A chapter from the Essence of Ramayana by Sri Swami Sivananda.

  Hanuman Jayanti -- BBC Religions:  A very concise overview of the Hindu festival.

  Hanuman Jayanti -- Wikipedia:  An entry from the on-line encyclopedia.

Shoba Narayan, "May Hanuman Be With You," Beliefnet.

The Sacred Cow

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Hanuman In The News

Hanuman -- Times Of India:  An anthology of news articles.

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Ganesha In The News

Lord Ganesha -- Times Of India:  An anthology of news articles.

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Sacred Cows In The News

Sacred Cows -- Times Of India:  An anthology of news articles.

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Audio And Video

  "The Legend Of Hanuman," Hotstar Specials, Official Trailer, January 2021.  (2 mins)

  "Hindus Work Around Coronavirus To Celebrate God Ganesh, Remover Of Obstacles," Weekend Edition Saturday, NPR, August 27, 2020.

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  "Ganesh Is Fresh":  A musical tribute from MC Yogi.

"Birth Of Lord Ganesha," YouTube:  A  short animated story.

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