Starting Places

  Buddhanet:  Resources from the Buddha Dharma Education Association. 

  : An introduction from the BBC.

General Resources

About Buddhism -- The Big View:

About.Com -- Buddhism:

  :  Contemporary information about Buddhism.

  Buddhism -- A Brief Introduction For Westerners:  A very short essay by Gerald Grow.

  Buddhism -- CBC Montreal:

  Buddhism -- Wikipedia:  An entry from the on-line encyclopedia.

Experiencing The World's Religions:

History Of Buddhism -- Wikipedia .

  :  A good overview of Buddhism.

Timeline Of Buddhist History -- Major Events:

Specific Countries And Regions

  Buddhism In China -- Wikipedia:  The history of the development of Buddhism in the Middle Kingdom.

Buddhism In Japan:  A concise overview from Columbia University's East Asian Curriculum Project.

Gods Of Japan -- A-To-Z Photo Dictionary Of Japanese Buddhism:

Japanese Buddhism -- Wikipedia:  Brief descriptions of the different forms of Japanese Buddhism.

Zen Buddhism

  Boonville One Drop Zendo:


Schoyen Collection -- Buddhism:

  Warrior Monks Of Shaolin -- About.Com:

Buddhist Organizations


Buddhist Peace Fellowship:

Plum Village:

  Singapore Buddhism Meditation Centre:


  Buddhazine:  Buddhanet's on-line magazine.

Tricyce -- The Buddhist Review :



  Buddhist Links:

Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library:  A series of links.

Buddhism Resources:  An edited selection of links.



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