Starting Places

:  A brief overview from the BBC.

  :  An excellent primer from ReligionFacts.Com.


  :  Basic background and contemporary information from BeliefNet.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hinduism:  A FAQ page from the Sri Siva Vishnu Temple in Lanham, Maryland.

Heart Of Hinduism:  A web-site based upon a text used widely in the British school system and sponsored by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness.

Hinduism -- About.Com:

Hinduism -- CBC Montreal:

Hinduism -- Wikipedia:  An introduction to the religion from the on-line encyclopedia.

  :  Dedicated to Lord Ganesha, Mother India and the rishis who seek for holy wisdom, this site is a celebration of Hindu culture and history.

  :  A site from the University of California at Los Angeles that describes the different religions of India.

Puja Guide For Educators:  An introduction to Hindu worship from the Smithsonian Institution.

Hindu Scripture

Puranas -- Crystalinks:

Individual Deities

Stories Of Krishna -- The Adventures Of A Hindu God:

  Krishna.Com:  All about Krishna from a site affiliated with Hare Krishna.


Hindu Image Gallery:

  :  Hinduism from the perspective of an Islamic scholar.


  :  The homepage for the publication Hindu Today.


  :  A portal to Hindu-related web resources.


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