Starting Places

  :  An introduction to Islam from the BBC.

Islam 101 -- A Simple Web Guide To Islam:

  :  A comprehensive introduction to Islam.


: A basic overview from BeliefNet.

CBC Montreal -- Islam:

  Introduction To Islam:  A synopsis and additional links from

Islaam.Com:  An introduction from a Muslim perspective.

:  An educational site about Islamic civilization, culture and belief.

:  The companion web-site to a major PBS series.

Islam -- Wikipedia:  A good summary from the on-line encyclopedia.

  Muhammad -- Legacy Of A Prophet:  The companion site to a PBS documentary special.

Muslim History -- Wikipedia:  Part of a larger series of entries from the on-line encyclopedia.

Muslim Heritage:  Articles and other features that explore Islamic history.

Muslims --Frontline:  The companion web-site for a PBS documentary.



Muslim World -- The Hajj, Guardian:

Muslim World -- Ramadan, Guardian:

Ramadan And Eid Ul-Fitr:  Extensive information on these sacred Muslim traditions.

Report On Maclean's Journalism:  A critical analysis of the Canadian national newsmagazine sponsored by the Canadian Islamic Congress.

Spirit Of Islam -- Experiencing Islam Through Calligraphy:

Wikipedia -- Controversies Related To Islam And Muslims:

Sunnis, Shiites And Sufis


Shii Islam -- Washington State University World Civilization:



Islamic Organizations

American Islamic Congress:

  :  Comprehensive information about the hajj and much other background material on the Muslim faith.


  :  An assortment of links.

Resources For Studying Islam And The Diverse Perspectives Of Muslims:  A series of links organized by Dr. Alan Godlas of the University of Georgia.

Resources For And About Muslim Women:

Islamic Studies Pathways -- An Academic Guide To Islamic Study Resources On The Internet:

Links To Other Web Pages In Islamic Studies And Religious Studies:


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