:  An introduction to Sikhism from the BBC.

  :  A basic and thoughtful introduction.

  :  A concise and informative overview.

Sikhi Wiki:  An encyclopedia organized in conjunction with Wikipedia.

  Sikhism -- History, Beliefs, Practices, Etc.:  An introduction from a web-site maintained by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance.

Sikhism -- Belief.Net:  A basic introduction.

  :  A comprehensive insider's introduction.

Sikhism -- Wikipedia:  A short introduction from the on-line encyclopedia.

  Sikhism Home Page:  A resource designed and maintained by Sandeep Singh Brar.

  :  A faith site for practicing Sikhs.

History Of The Sikhs:  Sikh history from a Sikh perspective.

Sikhism -- CBC Notes:  Very brief backgrounder notes from the Canadian broadcaster.

Sikh Community -- Over 100 Years In The Pacific Northwest:  A web companion for a 2005-2006 exhibition at Seattle's Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience.

Sikhism:  Sudheer Birodkar's history of Sikhism from a Hindu perspective.


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