Taoism -- BBC Religion:  An introduction from the British broadcaster.

  :  An excellent overview from ReligionFacts.com.

  Taoism Directory  :  A gateway to matters Tao.

  True Tao Home Page:  An impressive site designed to encourage discussion about and practice of Taoism.

  Taoism (A.K.A. Daoism):  An introduction from a web-site maintained by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance.

  :  An introduction and additional features from a comprehensive world religions site.

Taoism -- Wikipedia:  An entry in the on-line encyclopedia.

Taoism:  A lengthy entry from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Abode Of The Eternal Tao:

Daoism Depot:

Chinese Philosophy: Lao Tzu:  Short selections from the Tao Ching. 

Tao Te Ching:  From the Stephen Mitchell translation.

Frequently Asked Questions:  A FAQ sheet from the organizers of the alt.philosophy.taoism newsgroup.


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